Josef Eidenberger Bio
Kasimir Family Works 

"Thanks for following through.  We received the etching and it looks great.  We will probably add another sometime this year.  Thanks for your help."  MM, Colorado

"The Venice Canal etching arrived several days before my husband's birthday and he was delighted with it.  Thank you for sending it in such a timely manner."  HD, Virginia

"Thank you for the great etching by Kasimir.  I appreciate your professionalism and the wonderful art."  GL, California

"I am so delighted that I am going to own this beautiful etching.  This Kasimir etching really speaks to me, even inspires me.  I was mighty excited when I found it on your website."  SM, Florida

"Thanks for visiting with me by phone and discussing Kasimir and Eidenberger etchings.  We both have an obvious love for good etchings.  Thank you for your timely delivery of the Kasimir etchings I ordered.  They bring back wonderful memories."  CT, Minnesota

"What a wonderful website you have.  I can now add to my collection of Kasimirs and Eidenbergers.  The three I have ordered from you, I have been looking for a long time.  Your selection is the best I have seen.  Thank you so much."  MJ, Texas

"What a pleasure to deal with someone knowledgable about my two favorite artists.  I look forward to enjoying my new etchings and will be back to purchase more.  Keep up the good work."  LL, Nevada








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