Josef Eidenberger Bio
Kasimir Family Works 

“The Incurable Collector” has been an established dealer in fine art and antiques since 1980. Located on Mercer, Island, Washington for the first 20 years with a storefront open to the public, we are now physically located on Whidbey Island, Washington and have relocated to the internet only. This allows us to serve more customers, more efficiently, while providing even more reasonable prices as well as better service to our long term clientele.

We have been involved with the etchings of Professor Eidenberger and the Kasimir family on both a professional as well as a personal level, having been private collectors ourselves since the 1970s. We met Professor Eidenberger on one of his trips to the Pacific Northwest and were impressed by both his artistry and his personality.

We feel that these pieces of fine art make a wonderful addition to any home or office setting. The understated elegance of the works have a universal appeal. In addition to the enjoyment of seeing them in one's own home, they have held up in value - having appreciated as an investment over the last one hundred years.

First and foremost we stand behind the complete authenticity of all the art we represent. Our reputation is impeccable and we encourage you to make your purchases from us without hesitation knowing that your satisfaction is our primary goal.

If you have specific pieces that you have been searching for (as a memento of a trip, or as a gift) please email us with your request. We purchase both new etchings from the Eidenberger estate and other etchings from selected clientele and will strive to find what you are looking for, and usually at a better price than you will be able to find anywhere else.

Please note that it is very important to look at all of the details of each etching. Some scenes come in different sizes, and there are "original signed" etchings (signed by the artist) as well as "estate signed" etchings (signed by the estate of the artist). There have also been multiple catalogs published of the artists' works that contain varying information about the works that do not always agree with each other.

And finally, the condition of the etching affects its price. If the etching is listed as being in "new" condition - it should be just that. If the etching is not "new" its condition should be so noted as to margins, tears, wrinkles, toning, foxing, signatures, as well as any other feature that might affect the work, such as being pasted or glued down to a backing board.

We look forward to providing you with works of art that you and your family/associates can enjoy for a lifetime. Remember, the art we represent is exactly as described in our listings and we provide a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

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