Josef Eidenberger Bio
Kasimir Family Works 

What does estate signature mean?
An estate signature indicates that the etching was made after the artists death and his signature was signed by someone that owns the estate of the artist which would include the etching plates.


Do you do art appraisals?
Do you provide evaluations of etchings by phone or email?
Shipping and Payment
Do you charge for shipping your etchings?
How do you ship your etchings?
Do you purchase etchings?
Do you accept etchings on consignment?
Estate Signed vs. Originals
What does an original signature mean?
What does estate signature mean?
What is the little curlycew before the artist's signature?
Is there a difference in value between an original signed and an estate signed etching?
Books and Articles about the Artist
Are there catalogs available for Josef Eidenberger or Kasimir Family etchings?
Are there any books available about the artists?
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